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Following many years as a professional musician (performing & recording internationally) I made the decision to move away from touring and entered the world of teaching - as music tutor and ensemble director within Schools, Music Schools & County Music Services (Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk). I also established my Private Tuition Practice, which continues to this day.

After years of succesfully directing Saxophone & Jazz Ensembles within Schools I felt that it was the right time (following the Covid-19 Pandemic) for me to establish Saxophone ensembles that could be run along the lines that I have always envisaged these to be, utilising all that I have learned and observed across the years, as both teacher and professional musician.

Essentially, I wanted to offer to any aspiring Saxophonist (of any age or ability) the opportunity to make music with others. Ensemble playing is without doubt the most enjoyable and the most rewarding.

With these objectives in mind SaxWorld was born, in September 2021, and I am very pleased to report to you that our first year has been just phenomenal!

Each of our ensembles has grown fast and both have already established a strong identity. We have such fun each and every week, as we explore new music together. We have enjoyed wonderful events - Concerts and Workshops (from our visiting guests) during these first three terms.

Most recently we held our Summer Concert & Family Picnic event at St George’s Church, Methwold on the 19th June. We had a wonderful afternoon of music, with a shared Picnic during the interval.

Saxophone Ensembles are unique, in sound but also with regard to the ever expanding repertoire that is being written for this fabulous family of Instruments.


Janet Nelson - SaxWorld Events Coordinator

Janet SteedI have loved music, and the idea of playing an instrument for as long as I can remember.  Like most children, I played a recorder and the odd percussion instrument at primary school, and had a few piano lessons when I first moved to Norfolk at the age of 11. 

It was at High School in North Walsham that I first learnt to read music, and had an opportunity to play an instrument in the school band.  I really hoped for a flute, but was given a trombone ‒ rather unwieldy on the school bus, and not greatly appreciated by the family pets.  I played this for a fairly short time before moving to clarinet. which I played until the end of my school career.  Sadly, the demands of life and work took precedence, and I did not play any instrument for a long time. 

I worked for Children’s Services for nearly 40 years, much of the time as a Senior Social Worker in Safeguarding, and in Adolescent support as well as being a Practice Teacher for student Social Workers.  I loved working with young people and seeing them achieve their potential, despite the many challenges they faced.  In 2019 I became self-employed, providing support for older people living independently.

I have always loved the sound of the saxophone, and it was while I was renovating my current home that I decided that, when the dust settled ‒ literally ‒ I would hire one and see if I still had the ’bug’ for playing.  I rented an alto sax for a few months and assumed that, as I had played a clarinet, I would easily be able to play the saxophone.  This was not the case, and I didn’t progress well until I made contact with David (Fitzgerald) and discovered the joy of making music again.

I eventually bought the instrument, which I played up to Grade 4.  I upgraded to a better horn in 2015, and added a tenor saxophone in 2016.  I also, finally, got my flute. 

I have loved the challenge of trying to improve my tone and play more complex pieces, and David’s tuition has enabled me to progress further than I ever thought possible.  I have also, despite the nerves, continued to take Grades, and have enjoyed playing at David’s annual concerts, and other musical events locally.

SaxWorld is such an exciting opportunity to play with others, and to learn and develop our musical skills while having fun, all regardless of age or ability.  I look forward to helping David in whatever way I can to develop SaxWorld and all the opportunities it will undoubtedly provide. 

SaxWorld offers the finest instruction, encouragement, enjoyment and is affordable!